Amiti. Your
IT Partner for
Peace of Mind

Who is Amiti

Amiti are experts in on-site and cloud IT management. We take technology out of the ‘too hard’ basket.

Together with your input, we design, implement and manage all your IT services and offer fast help desk support backed by SLA driven, audited ticket logs. You can expect a tailor-made system specifically suited to your business.

Talk to us about outsourcing your IT department. We can show you how to eliminate downtime, reduce costs and add value to your business

How we help

We start with security and we deliver with service. We provide 24/7 WAN, network and node level monitoring and maintenance, documented IT asset management and cutting-edge backup performance. We ensure you maintain compliance with industry and government standards.

Innovation is part of our baseline. With our IT project planning and customer-first procurement service, we provide a budget conscious plan to suit your unique needs.

Experience a partnership where we take total care of IT, leaving you to focus on business.

We dot our
i’s and cross
our t’s

What to expect

Because every business has specific needs Amiti will meet with you to understand your business objectives and goals, and then perform a thorough audit on your current IT system.

This allows our engineers to devise a secure, optimised and exceptional IT experience for your business and team.

Amiti will present you with a detailed recommendation including caveats, costs and benefits to demonstrate the difference Amiti can make to your IT strategy.

What’s more, you’ll find Amiti are surprisingly cost effective.

We ensure
technology fixes
problems, not
creates them

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We’re here to help!

Talk to us about outsourcing your IT department. We can show you how to reduce costs and add value to your business.